Keeping Promises

Have I said too mucch?

A Good Laugh

It has been a while since I have had a good laugh, but this morning I was given the chance to release all the laughs that have been held in side for so long. My sister decided to tell me about her new boyfriends foot fetish Newcastle escort and how it really weirded her out. As soon as she told me I busted out laughing and was almost to the point of crying. She replied that at first she found it humorous, but when he started touching her feet and kissing them, she became repulsed. That just made me laugh even more. I am not sure if she was annoyed at my little outbursts or was secretly laughing inside with me. I did not have enough strength in me to ask her, but I plan to apologize later tonight in case I did hurt her feelings.

First Day of Diwali

Annually during September and October Diwali is celebrated in almost every region in India. It teaches us to do away with ignorance and to be rid of the darkness that shadows the light of knowledge.

The first day of Diwali is Dhanteras, which means wealth. Houses get decorated and many women purchase gold to welcome the Goddess of Prosperity.

The second day is Nakra-Chaturdashi. It’s to remember when Lord Krishna killed the demon king Narakasur. Many take sesame oil baths with peppercorn and cumin seeds to represent how the women bathed him and seduced him with hindi phone sex after the bloody battle.

The third and most important day is Lakshmi Puja, which is devoted to Goddess Lakshi. People go to fairs, temples, and visit family and friends.
The fourth day is Padwa Day. Dietes are dressed with diamonds and rubies after milk baths.
The fifth and final day is Bhayya-Duj, a symbol of love between siblings.

Twice as Nice

Megan and Mallory sat opposite one another sipping coffee midway through their Saturday. Mallory could tell her twin wanted to tell her something uncomfortable, as she couldn’t stop fiddling with her coffee cup and drumming her fingers on the table. But what she said next was more shock than Mallory was expecting.

“Mal, I’ve decided to join the other Nottingham escorts to make rent.” Megan said.

Like a scene from a bad sitcom, Mallory choked and sputtered her mouthful of coffee everywhere. This was so unexpected! Megan waited patiently for about 15 seconds while Mallory gathered herself and stopped her eyes from bugging. Convinced there could be no more shocking exclaimations from her twin today, she returned her focus to Megan’s waiting face.

“And we can make twice the money of anyone else in the industry if you’ll join me and we book dates together.” Megan said, and started at Mallory awaiting her reply.

Campfire Dinner

I love to climb mountains and I myself consider it as an extreme sport. Typically, I go once a month because so I can test my strength, endurance and I love the challenge.

Before I go off and climb a mountain, I do research first so that I know that I am using all of my equipment correctly. I usually stay for about 2-3 days to climb the mountain and I will pitch a tent nearby. Last month, I took a Leicester escorts companion along with me on my trip. She didn’t want to climb the mountains so while I was out she would lay in the sun, keep the fire going and make a delicious dinner.

I told her that she is going to have to start coming with me on every trip because she is the best cook that I have ever met. The chili that she made over the camp fire was the best that I have ever tasted.

Being A Donor

My mother and father has been a donor for several years donating their plasma to help save lives. They convinced me to give it a shot and it is actually not that bad. I went in a month ago to sign up as a new donor and it took several hours.

My first step was to get all my demographic information set up in the computer. I was given my visa gift card that they actually load money on every time that you donate. My first five visits they gave me $50 each time, I was so happy! I am getting paid weekly to help others that need my plasma! When I was in line last week I met some handsome gentleman that is my new fuck buddies. We went out for dinner last week and had many drinks, I have not had this much fun in a long time. This weekend it is off to the movies!

Valentines Day Disaster

I took my girlfriend to a hotel for the weekend for Valentines Day and it ended up being a huge disaster. We were having a great time at the poolside bar having drinks and then taking a dip in the pool throughout the day to cool off.

She was a little upset when this woman that knew me came up to me and talked to me for like twenty minutes. All I kept thinking in my head is that she is going to be pretty upset with me. The skinny blonde finally quit talking to me and strutted away and looking so beautiful.

I turned to my girlfriend and of course I had to answer one thousand questions, I finally had to tell her that she is my fuck buddy stalking me. She started crying, broke up with me and I have not heard from her ever since that day.

The Sad Truth

Why is it that men are able to have casual sex London and it is not an issue, but when we women do it, we are called “easy”. It is very obvious that in today’s society, women are looked at much differently than we were back in the 70′s or 80′s. My personal opinion about this is it is because a lot of young women have lost respect for themselves. It is not because of the men, it is because of their lack of pride and self-esteem. I wish there was a way to get into the minds of these young women to let them know that they are worth way more than what they are putting themselves through. No woman under any circumstance should ever have to sleep with someone to prove her worth. Her worth comes from her inner beauty and how she treats others. Maybe someday soon I can make a plan to change these sad facts.

I Can’t Wait Any Longer

I have finally come to the conclusion that I am going to start my very own local site for fuckbuddies only. I am not sure how many people will join, but it is a great way to help everyone out who is in need like I am. I have not been with a woman in over a year and have grown very tired of not being able to have intimacy in my life. The only issue I can see coming from this site is that some may be to embarrassed to join because they are in fear of someone seeing their profile. They do not have to add a photo but most dates only occur when the person on the other end can see what you look like. I am crossing my fingers that it will work because I am not sure I can wait any longer to get what I need.