Keeping Promises

Have I said too mucch?

The Sad Truth

Why is it that men are able to have casual sex London and it is not an issue, but when we women do it, we are called “easy”. It is very obvious that in today’s society, women are looked at much differently than we were back in the 70′s or 80′s. My personal opinion about this is it is because a lot of young women have lost respect for themselves. It is not because of the men, it is because of their lack of pride and self-esteem. I wish there was a way to get into the minds of these young women to let them know that they are worth way more than what they are putting themselves through. No woman under any circumstance should ever have to sleep with someone to prove her worth. Her worth comes from her inner beauty and how she treats others. Maybe someday soon I can make a plan to change these sad facts.

A Great Way to Make New Friends

College has been great this year. I have had the opportunity to meet new people, join incredible groups and endure in numerous new experiences. Just last weekend I called escorts Manchester for the first time ever and was given the most beautiful escort of all times. She was very friendly and seemed to get along with my friends very well, unlike other dates. We went out to the clubs where we swapped life stories over drinks and danced until we couldn’t feel our toes. It was an amazing evening and I am truly glad that I decided to take the plunge and try an escort agency for the first time in my life. Many may find it a but odd, but I myself find it as a great way to make a new friend and experience great company.

I Can’t Wait Any Longer

I have finally come to the conclusion that I am going to start my very own local site for fuckbuddies only. I am not sure how many people will join, but it is a great way to help everyone out who is in need like I am. I have not been with a woman in over a year and have grown very tired of not being able to have intimacy in my life. The only issue I can see coming from this site is that some may be to embarrassed to join because they are in fear of someone seeing their profile. They do not have to add a photo but most dates only occur when the person on the other end can see what you look like. I am crossing my fingers that it will work because I am not sure I can wait any longer to get what I need.

I Need A Break

My daughter has finally passed out after hours of whining and fussy trying to fight sleep. I don’t know what it is lately with her but she is not following any of the schedules I put her on. I tried talking to my co-workers at Sheffield escorts about it and everything they gave me tips on I tried. Nothing has worked! I am becoming so exausted between working and staying up all night with her that my body is becoming very worn down. For the first time since she was born I had to have a my mother take her for a night so I could sleep. I felt so guilty doing it but new I had to or else I would not have been able to take care of her properly. If I am to tired I can’t wake to her crys as well or become more short-tempered than usual.